What is it?

MyRide Africa is a mobile service that makes public transport safe, comfortable and fun with a goal of not only formalizing and transforming the public transport sector but also reducing road accidents in Kenya, 56% of which are caused by Public Service Vehicles, by up to 20% annually.

The idea

We previously ran a Company that dealt with customer engagement and feedback for businesses, called NikoHapa. One day, my Co-Founder got seriously mistreated in a Bus on his way home and we thought of how we could make it possible for a passenger to report such cases. We eventually approached a bus company owner who revealed that they would require such a service. So from then we started customizing our existing platform to fit what both owners and commuters would find useful while in transit to solve this problem.

Services offered

We have a mobile application for the commuters and a dashboard or Complaints Handling Platform for the bus owners and authorities.


MyRide Africa is unique in that it solves problems for all players in the public transport industry from the commuters, crew and owners. Besides this it is scalable to any 3 rd world country with informal public transport system and laterally across other forms of public transport like Taxis, motorbikes and even trains.


To formalize Africa’s public transport system and reduce deaths caused by carelessly driven public service vehicles by up to 20 % annually.

The community in mind

MyRide Africa gives power to commuters to enable enhancement of better services, increased revenue for vehicle owners and less accidents and deaths on our roads besides formalizing our transport system.